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Steel Fabrication Facility Expansion in India

CHAKAN, INDIA – July 25, 2014 – AT&F India Fabrication Pvt. Ltd (, a fully owned subsidiary of AT&F headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, a recognized world leader in large-scale welding and steel fabrication, announces a 8,735-square-meter (94,000 square foot) facility expansion in Chakan, Maharashtra.

Since its inception in 2011, AT&F India has been a key partner in major infrastructure projects in the state of Gujarat. AT&F India has built major steel structures for power plant construction, barges and pontoons for port expansion projects.

The firm has begun construction of a new manufacturing facility to be completed in early 2015. The new AT&F facility in Chakan, an industrial development near Pune, will feature 20-ton lifting capacity and steel processing equipment to fabricate and assemble components and equipment to serve OEMs in the construction, transportation, mining and building industries.

"The greatest thing that we have to offer the Indian marketplace is not just high quality steel fabrications that are in great demand. Rather, it is the knowledge and management discipline that are our most valuable products. These have served us well in the United States for more than seventy years. AT&F India’s operations run consistent with the foundations of AT&F’s U.S. business model of providing customers with exacting, well-documented work in a highly ethical and efficient manner. We want everyone to be aware that we are noticeably different," said Michael F. Ripich, AT&F’s CEO.

Similar to its U.S. counterpart, the facility will house large capacity equipment that pushes the limits of size, scope and precision. "This facility expansion is a statement of our continued commitment to invest in customer success at home and abroad," stated Ripich in further comments.

AT&F has built an outstanding corporate reputation providing custom steel manufacturing solutions to industries throughout the world. Quality and innovation have fueled its growth and helped to define the manufacturing group it is today. AT&F is committed to customer success via specialized facilities and locations and nonpareil quality systems: ASME U, U2, S, N, NPT, NS, NA stamps, and ISO 9001:2008 certified. AT&F operates 700,000 square feet of manufacturing space throughout the globe: Cleveland, Ohio; Orrville, Ohio; Manitowoc, Wisconsin.; and Aarhus, Denmark.