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What It Takes To Be A Successful Team Member at AT&F

Meet Craig Cooper, Team Manager. AT&F was on his radar many years before coming on board in 2016. Craig knew of AT&F’s focus on cutting-edge innovation and large fabrication. “This is the major leagues,” he says in the video above. Members of this motivated team can attest that working for AT&F means working for an industry leader and bringing your best every day.

AT&F team members take pride in their work, especially projects that support our troops overseas. The philosophy of “Shared Success by All” is important not only to our team, but the company as a whole. Each skilled craftsperson presents their own contribution to the overall success of AT&F and our customers. Individual contributions of each team member have led to our status as a premier supplier to some of the world’s top OEMs.

AT&F’s philosophy of “Shared Success by All” has been passed down through four generations of family leadership. For 77 years, meeting and exceeding the demands of our customers has—and continues to be—our team’s motivation every day. Although working for AT&F can be challenging, it presents many valuable benefits and development opportunities. With constant advancements and expansion, the company is constantly seeking driven individuals to help continue our success at AT&F.


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