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New Hybrid Laser Arc Welding (HLAW) Facility Opened by AT&F Steel

CLEVELANDOhio December 9, 2010 AT&F Steel (, a recognized world leader in welding and fabrication process integration, has opened the doors of its newest state-of-the-art welding center in Cleveland, Ohio.  The multi-million dollar Hybrid Laser Arc Welding (HLAW) facility is the largest in the United States.Merging the advantages of conventional MIG welding with the versatility of hybrid laser arc welding, AT&F’s HLAW procedure offers fabrication designers and engineers the most component design flexibility to date. Hybrid laser welds are highly uniform with much less heat input than conventional welds. This, combined with a welding speed of up to 250 inches per minute, greatly reduces the component distortion, producing a highly standardized product. The technology allows lasers to be used to accommodate thick materials, and MIG welding to be applied without material deformation. The HLAW facility can adapt to large-scale projects, with a working envelop of 20 x 60 feet (6.1 x 18.2 M), as well as highly customized components, as the process allows. 

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From ship and bridge building to nuclear power and commercial construction, AT&F’s HLAW procedure is innovating component manufacturing. “Hybrid laser welding reliably produces the highest quality welds at amazing speeds; it is a revolution in welding,” says Michael Ripich, President. AT&F’s commitment to innovation and quality made the investment in this facility an easy decision. “For critical applications where weight and straightness are key, this is the perfect technology. Hybrid laser welding will reduce production time and costs as well as produce the most consistent components,” says Ripich. In its 70th year, AT&F has built its business and superior reputation on its large-scale capabilities and outstanding quality. The HLAW facility was a logical addition to the range of welding solutions that AT&F provides.

Ripich looks forward, "We are the leader in our industry, providing our customers with the best solutions to their challenging fabrication needs.  That’s how we got here, and we will continue to innovate.” AT&F Steel, a division of AT&F, American Tank and Fabricating Company of Cleveland, Ohio, has long been an innovator in the steel processing and custom manufacturing industry.  Specializing in manufacturing services, AT&F Steel is a steel-processing service center and provider of materials, fabricating, component manufacturing and assemblies. Through their divisions and brands they provide custom steel manufacturing solutions to industrial manufacturing companies throughout the world. Following an increased demand for metal fabricating in the United States, the company has developed unique services while building an outstanding corporate image.
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