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AT&F Cooks for the House

After arriving at the Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland, OH, the team of AT&F volunteers quickly unpacked the groceries and began preparations. This was not their first time making dinner for the house, and their confidence in the kitchen was reassuring to many of the guests. The team prepared pizza and made good use of the four ovens in the kitchen. With up to 55 families to feed, dinner had to be big. Fortunately, a five-person team made quick work of the bulk-purchased food.

AT&F Advanced Metals Completes 1000th National Board Certified Vessel

AT&F Advanced Metals, located in Orrville, Ohio, has completed its 1000th vessel certified by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI). AT&F Advanced Metals is a division of the world class steel fabricating enterprise, AT&F, specializing in corrosion resistant materials for a variety of industries. A specialty fabricating shop with a dedication to high quality, AT&F Advanced Metals manufactures for some of the most physically demanding markets in the world today.

From the Floor: Aluminum Railcar Siding

A Canadian transportation company has entered into a two year contract with AT&F supplying aluminum siding for high-speed railcars to be cut to precise measurements. The siding is 3/16” aluminum supplied directly from the customer. Aluminum is lighter than stainless steel and is meant to be painted, as per our customer intentions. Our precision processing team orients the siding on the cutting table and uses our laser cutter to burn out holes to the customer’s specifications. The siding will then be welded together length-wise by our welding teams and shipped to the customer.

From the Floor: Turbine Compressor Segments

AT&F manufactures for some of the most physically demanding markets. Inside a gas turbine engine, pressure and heat are built in a compressor to achieve maximum efficiency. The efficiency of the engine relies on the quality of the compressor; the more heat and pressure the compressor can handle, the more efficient the engine will be. AT&F has taken on the manufacture of segments of these compressors. Crimped, rolled, and burned from one piece of A36 carbon steel, the six-inch cylinder was then cut in half and blasted in our blasting room.

From the Floor - Rolled Tanker Cylinders

AT&F is big in the maritime industry. Shipbuilding is a process marked by compliance to established standards. So when AT&F was approached to form hawse pipes for the anchor system on heavy tanker ships, we put our expertise to work. The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) standardizes the engineering of various grades of steel for shipbuilding, and the hawse pipes are no exception. The ABS-A carbon steel was cut, rolled, and tested to the specifications of the customer, but before shipping the parts out, an inspector from ABS visited our facility and spent two days verifying that every job had been done in accordance with ABS standards. After careful inspection the pieces were stamped, approved and sent off to the customer.

Fourth-Generation Company is Strong as Steel

AT&F is pleased to be featured as the Wire-Net Member Profile feature.

Heavy Equipment Investment at AT&F Wisconsin

AT&F, a global leader in the steel fabricating industry, is investing in new cutting technology to be installed in its Wisconsin facility. The new high definition plasma cutting machine boasts an innovative five-axis bevel head, capable of cutting up to 2 inches (50mm) thick. It has the latest in CNC controls and supporting software resulting in superior small diameter hole cutting accuracy. The ability to cut contour bevels creates opportunities for design-related enhancements to weldments and other fabricated structures.

From the Floor - Nuclear Walkway

Pictured below is a finished nuclear walkway ready to be shipped to the customer. This walkway will be pushed by hand into place over the reactors. The unit is 100% fabricated from Titanium grade 2 to tight tolerances and designed to be lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistant. We have fabricated multiple walkways and other components for the nuclear industry over the years. Because of our long history in the nuclear industry and decades of working with titanium and other corrosion resistant metals, our AT&F Advanced Metals facility is the go-to source for fabrications such as this unique walkway. AT&F Advanced Metals is set up to work exclusively with specialty metals such as Titanium and is ready to take on your next corrosion resistant project.

From the Floor - Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers, like the ones pictured below, are used to heat or cool many different liquids. These components are used for numerous different applications in a wide range of industries. AT&F Advanced Metals has built many heat exchangers over the years out of specialty metals including tantalum, titanium, and various grades of stainless steel.

From the Floor - Bridge Girder Fabrication Part 3 - Galvanization

This is the third part in a series of posts about fabrication work that we do for the bridge industry including long forming and welding. In Part 1 we showed a photo of the formed bridge girder and in Part 2 we showed the same girder after it had studs welded onto it. The photo below shows the girder during the galvanization process which is performed to inhibit rust on the component.