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From the Floor – Thick Wall Cylinder Rolling

When customers face big challenges they search for a supplier of big ideas and big solutions. AT&F recently rolled nearly 9” thick flat plates into cylinders for just such a customer. The pressure vessel shell segments are a combination of 1/4" thick 304 Stainless Steel plate and 8 ½” thick carbon steel backer plate fused by the explosion cladding process. AT&F used the largest plate roll in North America to roll the thick flat plate into cylinder segments in just a few hours at its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

The shell utilizes cladded plate as a cost effective alternative to solid stainless steel. The cylindrical shell segments will be welded together in the field to build a high-temperature reactor to produce low-calorie sweetener for one of the world’s largest agricultural processors and ingredient providers.

Large Cylinder Rolling

Large Rolled Cylinder 2