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Automation in Metal Fabrication

With constant advancements in technology and rising competition across industries, the world of metal fabrication is becoming more and more automated. Shifting from manual to automated processes can present much opportunity for large gains in both efficiency and productivity, while lending a competitive advantage. Before adopting these systems, however, it is important to understand all facets of automated technology and determine if it’s an investment worth making.

How We Roll: Thick Steel Forming and Rolling

AT&F has specialized in heavy fabrication since its inception in 1940.  Forming some of the thickest steel available, we provide components for defense, mining, construction, oil and gas, and other industries.  Among our capabilities are cutting, rolling, forming and machining.

How Accelerated Bridge Construction Keeps America Moving


Infographic: AT&F Crane Structural Fabrication

For years, AT&F has been a major presence in the heavy construction industry that specializes in manufacturing crane structures. With 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space, AT&F Structures is dedicated to the complete fabrication of lattice type structures for the construction and energy markets.

Infographic: AT&F History Timeline

AT&F is a world-class metal fabricator, providing quality steel products and components for some of the world’s greatest engineering feats and innovations.

Infographic: AT&F Core Focus

As one of the world’s premier metal fabrication companies, AT&F creates components that quite literally shape the industries we serve. AT&F's core focus is to Build, Protect, Energize, and Move the World through metal fabrication.

How AT&F's core focus represents the core industries we serve:

  • Build= Construction and Mining
  • Protect= Defense
  • Energize= Renewable Energy
  • Move= Infrastructure and Shipbuilding

Infographic: AT&F Cutting Capabilities

AT&F's commitment to Investing in Customer Success can be seen through precise state-of-the-art metal cutting services.

Infographic: AT&F Exhaust Gas Scrubber Fabrication

As a result of the recent IMO 2020 sulfur regulations, AT&F Advanced Metals is fully equipped to tackle the challenge with exhaust gas scrubber fabrication.

AT&F Shows Commitment to Aerospace Market with Waterjet Investment

With a core focus on investment in game-changing technology and innovation, AT&F is pleased to announce the addition of its newest 5-axis waterjet cutting system. The specialized equipment was developed for AT&F to achieve the fastest cutting speeds possible while maintaining exceptional edge quality. This high quality cutting method allows for less machining, decreasing costs and increasing overall efficiency.

19 Years of Experience with AT&F

Meet Pat McGovern, press brake operator at AT&F. With 19 years of experience, Pat has seen AT&F grow and expand, while honing his skills over the years. Like Pat, AT&F team members have opportunity to build on their talents and move up in the company.