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Steel Fabricator AT&F Installs Massive 5-Axis Cutting System

CLEVELAND, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AT&F is pleased to announce another major investment in cutting technology. The heavy-duty gantry shape cutting machine includes 5-axis and dual plate capabilities, as well as 5-Axis Cutting Machinenext-generation software for faster operation and reduced setup time. The newly installed equipment will serve industries including construction, mining, defense, energy, transportation, and any project that requires heavy plate processing. This investment perfectly aligns with AT&F's core focus to Build, Protect, Energize, and Move the World through metal fabricating.

Oxy-fuel Cutting Capabilities

This innovative cutting system has the ability to oxy-fuel cut up to 6" thick steel and has laser marking capabilities. A three-torch system can create a double bevel in one pass. Other features include:

  • Accurate beveled edges on carbon steel from 20-50 degrees
  • Fully programable tilt angles and torch offsets are adjusted quickly
  • Accurate beveling is achieved using a precision tactile sensor that follows the plate surface

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Plasma Cutting Capabilities

The 5-axis cutting machine has Smart Bevel Technology, resulting in high reliability maximizing uptime. Other aerial-cutting-machineplasma cutting specifications of this machine include:

  • Cutting up to 2" thick on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Allows bevel cutting up to 2" thick at 45 degrees
  • Delivers outstanding performances on carbon steel
  • Superior cutting results on non-ferrous metals
  • Plasma cutting up to 400 Amps
  • Plasma marking and cutting with same torch

According to Ken Ripich, EVP of AT&F, "Our customers continue to challenge AT&F to stay out in front of technology advancements in cutting, forming, rolling, welding, and machining. This newly installed machine is the Goliath of cutting systems and further demonstrates AT&F's commitment to invest in our customers' success. We can handle plates up to 15' wide and our table length is 150'. This gives us the ability to set up for continuous production and our downtime is minimal thanks to an automated slag removal system." Please contact us today with your next high-volume cutting requirement.


AT&F has over 80 years of experience, impressive equipment capabilities, and quality embedded in their DNA. These qualities are aligned with AT&F's core focus to Build, Protect, Energize, and Move the World through metal fabricating. The company is committed to investing in customer success. AT&F is ISO 9001:2015 certified with 700,000 square feet of manufacturing space in multiple locations, including Cleveland and Orrville, Ohio, and Manitowoc, Wisconsin.