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Custom Metal Fabricator AT&F Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

AT&F is pleased to announce they have once again achieved ISO certification. The company is registered with Smithers to the ISO 9001:2015 standard at the Cleveland, Ohio headquarters location. By the end of 2020, the other enterprise locations are expected to also achieve certification, including AT&F Wisconsin and AT&F Advanced Metals in Orrville, Ohio. This certification reflects AT&F’s commitment to customer-focused processes that provide quality products, assure on-time delivery, and reduce waste. According to Ken Ripich, EVP of Sales and Marketing, “Our company has 3 primary differentiators that set us apart from the competition: investment in large and highly diversified equipment, almost 80 years of fabricating experience, and our passion for quality is in our DNA.”

AT&F is Big in Green Fabrication

AT&F supports its ‘green’ customers by partnering with them to fabricate large scale specialty alloy fabrications used in a variety of processes. These processes include waste to fuel, water, emission control and many others. According to Ryan Culbertson, Director of Business Development for AT&F Advanced Metals, “Our customers come to us because we are experts in the management of these complex fabrications and quality is at the center of everything we do. Yes it is exciting to be involved in these projects that are important to our customers, but it is equally satisfying knowing that AT&F is contributing by manufacturing products that are environmentally responsible.”

Press Release: AT&F Advanced Metals Facility Expansion

AT&F has some exciting news to share regarding their Advanced Metals division located in Orrville, Ohio. “Based on current business conditions and an optimistic eye to the future, today we have broken ground on a 32,00 square foot expansion at AT&F Advanced Metals", according to Ken Ripich, EVP for AT&F. The building is expected to be completed and ready to occupy in early June. AT&F is looking to hire qualified team members that share the company's core values and that have the appropriate experience in TIG welding stainless, titanium, tantalum, zirconium and other special alloy materials.

Automation in Metal Fabrication

With constant advancements in technology and rising competition across industries, the world of metal fabrication is becoming more and more automated. Shifting from manual to automated processes can present much opportunity for large gains in both efficiency and productivity, while lending a competitive advantage. Before adopting these systems, however, it is important to understand all facets of automated technology and determine if it’s an investment worth making.

How We Roll: Thick Steel Forming and Rolling

AT&F has specialized in heavy fabrication since its inception in 1940. Forming some of the thickest steel available, we provide components for defense, mining, construction, oil and gas, and other industries. Among our capabilities are cutting, rolling, forming and machining.

How Accelerated Bridge Construction Keeps America Moving


Infographic: AT&F Crane Structural Fabrication

For years, AT&F has been a major presence in the heavy construction industry that specializes in manufacturing crane structures. View the infographic to learn about AT&F's dedication to crane boom fabrication:

Infographic: AT&F History Timeline

AT&F is a world-class metal fabricator, providing quality steel products and components for some of the world’s greatest engineering feats and innovations.

Infographic: AT&F Core Focus

As one of the world’s premier metal fabrication companies, AT&F creates components that quite literally shape the industries we serve. AT&F's core focus is to Build, Protect, Energize, and Move the World through metal fabrication.

How AT&F's core focus represents the core industries we serve:

  • Build= Construction and Mining
  • Protect= Defense
  • Energize= Renewable Energy
  • Move= Infrastructure and Shipbuilding

Infographic: AT&F Cutting Capabilities

AT&F's commitment to Investing in Customer Success can be seen through precise state-of-the-art metal cutting services.