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How Fabricating is Different from Forging

The broad term “metalworking,” covers a variety of different methods for transforming raw sheet metal into products and components. Steel forming technology has changed drastically over time. Though one is hard pressed to find a blacksmith pounding red hot steel with hand tools; the principles remain the same. The two methods most commonly used today are fabricating and forging.

Working and Growing with AT&F

Meet Dave Montaro, expert welder at AT&F.  Dave is one of many fantastic workers at AT&F.  Like Dave, other workers at AT&F are proud of their work, proud to help support our troops overseas, and proud to work for AT&F.

Hard Work and Teamwork Lead the Way at AT&F

“Work Hard. Do what you say you’re going to do. Take care of each other.” AT&F’s motto rings true in all factions of the company today. A central theme of teamwork prevails from the offices to the manufacturing floor. Ideas are encouraged and explored; all AT&F team members are respected as the unique individuals they are. The true assets of AT&F are not machines or steel, but the people operating them and creating the quality products AT&F is known for.

We Are AT&F

The culture created and carried by the Ripich family—now in their fourth generation of family ownership—has made success and expansion of AT&F possible. Listen to President and CEO Michael Ripich talk about AT&F and the legacy it continues to build.

New Forming Capabilities at AT&F Wisconsin

AT&F Wisconsin is excited to announce a new addition to the facility’s equipment capabilities. Coming mid-June, AT&F Wisconsin will install a 1500-ton press brake into the production floor. At 30 feet, this press brake is one of the largest in Wisconsin and features CNC controls that allow for tighter tolerances and high degrees of repeatability. The new press brake will bolster AT&F Wisconsin’s capabilities and will embody the enterprise goal of pushing the limits of size, scope, and scale in all of our operations.

Press Brake Formed Girder Systems at AT&F

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) estimates that over 9% of short span bridges in America are structurally deficient (requiring yearly inspection and maintenance) and that over 188 million trips take place across these bridges every day. Replacing these problematic bridges has become a national priority for meeting infrastructure goals. The challenge rests in providing a cost-effective structural solution while minimizing traffic diversions by reducing bridge construction times.

Robotic Welding At AT&F

When AT&F was approached to produce 40ft long complex weldments for a crane manufacturer, the company looked to employ new technology on a larger scale than is typically attempted. AT&F is known for the scale, scope, and precision of our long-forming capabilities. More recently, we made investments to cover long length precision welding using robotics. Traditionally, long length full penetration welds are susceptible to heat distortion when performed manually, or by common semi-automatic methods.

How Forming Works

Turning a plate of steel into a finished part takes specialized equipment and a deep understanding of what the plate undergoes during the process. From heavy cylinders to frame rails to crane booms, large structures can be formed with a high degree of control, but different projects call for different pieces of equipment. AT&F has world class equipment and expertise in metal forming going back to the 1940’s so you know your project is in good hands, no matter the size or dimensions.

AT&F Cooks for the House

After arriving at the Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland, OH, the team of AT&F volunteers quickly unpacked the groceries and began preparations. This was not their first time making dinner for the house, and their confidence in the kitchen was reassuring to many of the guests. The team prepared pizza and made good use of the four ovens in the kitchen. With up to 55 families to feed, dinner had to be big. Fortunately, a five-person team made quick work of the bulk-purchased food.

AT&F Welders Support Wounded Warrior Recognition

Continuing on AT&F’s tradition of close involvement with the U.S. Military and showcasing our respect for the men and women of our armed forces, AT&F has partnered with the Wounded Warriors Project to donate 40 trophies, laser cut and welded from stainless steel.