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19 Years of Experience with AT&F

Meet Pat McGovern, press brake operator at AT&F. With 19 years of experience, Pat has seen AT&F grow and expand, while honing his skills over the years. Like Pat, AT&F team members have opportunity to build on their talents and move up in the company.

AT&F offers competitive salaries plus profit sharing and a full range of benefits, including health and life insurance, 401(k), tuition reimbursement, vacation and holidays, a Wellness Program, and earned time off. However, one of the most enriching benefits is the opportunity for career growth within the company. McGovern shares, “When I first started here I came in basically knowing nothing as far as manufacturing goes… I was taught by a couple of guys who have been here for 20 years and since then I just moved up - going from smaller press brakes to bigger press brakes.”

AT&F’s investment in success doesn’t stop with machinery and assets. The development of its team members and their individual growth is crucial to our shared success. Many team members, like Pat, have grown into their positions and are now poised leaders, helping the next generation master their crafts as well.

AT&F is searching for individuals who are driven, looking to master their craft and share in the success of the company.

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