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Working and Growing with AT&F

Meet Dave Montaro, expert welder at AT&F.  Dave is one of many fantastic workers at AT&F.  Like Dave, other workers at AT&F are proud of their work, proud to help support our troops overseas, and proud to work for AT&F.



Workers at AT&F are the experts in their field.  They are fully trained to operate state of the art fabrication equipment.  Workers at AT&F are welcomed with open arms and encouraged to learn as much as possible from their peers.  Each employee has a unique skill set and is respected as an individual part of a whole.  In a process requiring utmost precision, the role of each worker is vital.  Attention to detail is paramount on the manufacturing floor of AT&F.

AT&F team members have full health benefits, as well as a comprehensive 401k plan.  AT&F sponsors team based wellness events throughout the year, as well as charity dinners through a partnership with Ronald McDonald House.  The company also holds an annual golf outing, and company picnic—this year the team travels to a Cleveland Indians game.

As AT&F grows, so do its employees.  The company is continuously increasing capacity and capabilities; as such, AT&F is always seeking motivated individuals to join the team.

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