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AT&F Shows Commitment to Aerospace Market with Waterjet Investment

With a core focus on investment in game-changing technology and innovation, AT&F is pleased to announce the addition of its newest 5-axis waterjet cutting system. The specialized equipment was developed for AT&F to achieve the fastest cutting speeds possible while maintaining exceptional edge quality. This high quality cutting method allows for less machining, decreasing costs and increasing overall efficiency.

The decision to bring a second waterjet system to AT&F was based on the company’s cornerstone philosophy, “We aerospace-waterjetInvest in Customer Success®.” With a new design and integrated drive technology, the high-speed waterjet maximizes both cutting area and performance. It has a cutting envelope of 13 feet by 46 feet and it can cut up to a 60-degree angle while holding impressive tolerances.

According to Ken Ripich, Executive Vice President of AT&F, “Waterjet cutting has the precision and reliability needed to meet the increasing demands of the Aerospace and Defense markets. These high-tech industries are responsible for manufacturing mission-critical components for commercial, space, and military war-fighting machines. The parts and fabrications we provide must be within specification every time, no exception.”

AT&F has 78 years of experience managing and processing all types of carbon, high strength, alloy, and composite materials. AT&F’s investment in another state-of-the-art waterjet system, coupled with some of the largest fabricating equipment in the world, makes them the obvious choice for providing complete solutions to the Aerospace and Defense markets.

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