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Right On Track: Introducing the Largest Press Brake in North America

Superior infrastructure requires superior technology. AT&F now offers high-speed railway system manufacturers the largest, most advanced press brake in North America. Our press brake has the power, precision and flexibility you need to develop high-quality transport infrastructures.



  • Hydraulic single ram press
  • Up to 60 feet in length and 2800 metric tons
  • Dimensions:
    • 60 ft (18 m) long
    • Generous throat depth
    • Large daylight opening
    • Wide housings space
  • 16 CNC axis
  • Front and rear CNC gauging


  • Long-forming structural components
  • Very tight tolerances across very long lengths
  • Consistent, repeatable process allowing for streamlined component designs
  • Programmable system allows adjustable stroke and ram speed for process optimization
  • Single ram press eliminates multiple housings and maximizes extensive throat depth

AT&F has a long history of unsurpassed capacity, proven quality and vast experience in large press brake forming. The power to press is yours. Call 1-800-544-5316 or visit us


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