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From the Floor - Nuclear Walkway

Pictured below is a finished nuclear walkway ready to be shipped to the customer. This walkway will be pushed by hand into place over the reactors. The unit is 100% fabricated from Titanium grade 2 to tight tolerances and designed to be lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistant. We have fabricated multiple walkways and other components for the nuclear industry over the years. Because of our long history in the nuclear industry and decades of working with titanium and other corrosion resistant metals, our AT&F Advanced Metals facility is the go-to source for fabrications such as this unique walkway. AT&F Advanced Metals is set up to work exclusively with specialty metals such as Titanium and is ready to take on your next corrosion resistant project.

From the Floor - Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers, like the ones pictured below, are used to heat or cool many different liquids. These components are used for numerous different applications in a wide range of industries. AT&F Advanced Metals has built many heat exchangers over the years out of specialty metals including tantalum, titanium, and various grades of stainless steel.

From the Floor - Bridge Girder Fabrication Part 3 - Galvanization

This is the third part in a series of posts about fabrication work that we do for the bridge industry including long forming and welding. In Part 1 we showed a photo of the formed bridge girder and in Part 2 we showed the same girder after it had studs welded onto it. The photo below shows the girder during the galvanization process which is performed to inhibit rust on the component.

From the Floor - Bridge Girder Fabrication Part 2 - Welding

In our last post about short span bridge girders we showed some photos of the tub girders after we formed them in our long single ram press. In another process, we weld studs onto the bridge girders as shown in the photo below.

From the Floor – Thick Wall Cylinder Rolling

When customers face big challenges they search for a supplier of big ideas and big solutions. AT&F recently rolled nearly 9” thick flat plates into cylinders for just such a customer. The pressure vessel shell segments are a combination of 1/4" thick 304 Stainless Steel plate and 8 ½” thick carbon steel backer plate fused by the explosion cladding process. AT&F used the largest plate roll in North America to roll the thick flat plate into cylinder segments in just a few hours at its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

And WIRE-Net's Mission Builder Award Goes To...

Since 2003, WIRE-Net has recognized manufacturing leaders who demonstrate WIRE-Net's mission through their work and accomplishments. Mission Builder Award Winners are selected for their role in strengthening manufacturing in Northeast Ohio and supporting WIRE-Net's goals – to create healthy communities and fuel economic growth.

From the Floor - Short Span Bridge Girders

Bridge girders, like the formed ones pictured below, will be used to replace tens of thousands of aging short span bridges throughout the country. These girders are a critical component of state-of-the-art bridge technology which drastically increases the speed that bridges can be built. 

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Hot vs Cold Forming

The process of rolling steel is more complicated than it might seem at first. Depending on the process used, different factors need to be considered. For example, cold rolling a part increases its brittleness which can cause it to break under the wrong conditions. When hot rolling, other factors need to be considered such as how to avoid or correct transformations in the material or thermal distortion.

From the Floor - Clean Energy Cellulosic Ethonol Unit

We had the honor of having our customer on site to witness the inaugural use of our newest Cellulosic Ethonol unit. This biofuel unit was produced by AT&F Advanced Metals located in Orrville Ohio, specializing in corrosion resistant metals including titanium, zirconium, and hastelloy. Read more about AT&F Advance Metals capabilities here.