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Robotic Welding At AT&F

When AT&F was approached to produce 40ft long complex weldments for a crane manufacturer, the company looked to employ new technology on a larger scale than is typically attempted. AT&F is known for the scale, scope, and precision of our long-forming capabilities. More recently, we made investments to cover long length precision welding using robotics. Traditionally, long length full penetration welds are susceptible to heat distortion when performed manually, or by common semi-automatic methods.

To counter this occurrence, AT&F developed a 40ft long robotic welding system. The robot produces a high quality and consistent seem along the boom section while also being able to perform numerous other welds on the structure. AT&F is committed to investing in systems and solutions that drive your company’s success. At AT&F, we fully embrace the power of robotic technology t110 4.jpgand employ it strategically to tackle challenging projects.

To learn more about AT&F’s robotic technology, contact Ken Ripich at