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AT&F Opens 1 of 1st 100 Ton Nuclear Fabricating Facilities in Decades

AT&F Nuclear Inc., in coordination with its parent, The American Tank & Fabricating Company (AT&F), begins operations November 30 at its newly built AT&F Nuclear Fabrication Building, 12314 Elmwood Avenue, Cleveland, OH. The 32,000-square-foot building addition will be one of the first 100-ton crane capacity structures built in the United States in decades, representing AT&F's response to the emerging global nuclear new-build market, according to company officials. The facility will be used for the welding and assembly of nuclear components and the clean-environment fabrication of non-safety and safety-related metal components.

With its 18' x 15' assembly and inspection pit, the new facility is the physical capstone of the nuclear-fabricating strategy for AT&F, one of about 200 global companies with nuclear certification stamps from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. AT&F's six certifications stamps include NPT (fabrication of nuclear appurtenances and supports, including material dedication upgrades), N (nuclear vessels, pumps, valves, etc.) and NS (nuclear supports).


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