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Bridging the Gap in Orthotropic Deck and Bridge Components

Today's bridge deck designers and structural fabricators are increasingly opting for orthotropic bridge decks because they allow creating stronger, lighter deck assemblies. AT&F produces steel bridge fabrication services and custom fabricated products for a growing array of components for deck sections, including V-shaped rib sections, I-beams, and T-beams. We also supply a variety of other structural components, such as caissons and cofferdams for bridge pier construction. But why choose
AT&F for Fabrication of Structural Steel?

  • We'll save you time, money, and weight. We deliver the components you need to design and build lighter, higher-strength, more complete fabricated structural sections.
  • We can custom fabricate a structural component to match your design's requirements exactly.
    • You can specify the steel chemistry your design requires, whether it's high-strength carbon steel, stainless steel, or something more exotic.
    • Our press brake forming capabilities let us create the steel shapes your design demands quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively—from ¼-inch to 13 inches thick and up to 50 feet long.
    • Our high precision laser cutting equipment lets us adhere to tight cutting tolerances.
    • Our professional engineering staff will ensure the accuracy of your components.
  • We offer a range of additional services; download our Capabilities data sheet for details.
  • We're ready to help. Contact us to start a conversation on how we can help you build lighter, stronger, more complete bridge decks and other components.