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Shot & Grit Steel Plate Blasting Machine at AT&F

New blasting machine enables AT&F to blast steel plate up to 12’ wide and 7” thick. Boasting state-of-the-art speeds to remove surface contamination, scale and other impurities from the surface, the new equipment is one of a series of recent investments.

Your high quality steel products deserve the high quality finish our advanced steel plate blasting system makes possible. It’s engineered to handle steel plate components up to 12 feet wide, 60 feet long, and 7 inches thick, blasting away surface contamination, rust, scale and otsteel-plate-blastingher impurities. This commercial blasting system leaves behind a smooth, clean surface on steel plate surfaces, angles, parts or components that's consistent with the SSPC-SP6/ NACE No. 3 standard and ready for assembly or painting.

Our descaling system is one of our latest capital investments in technologies designed to help your bottom line by reducing lead times and improving efficiencies. Call us to learn more about AT&F’s commitment to serving OEMs and fabricators around the world efficiently and cost-effectively—all from one location. Contact us to start a conversation on what AT&F can bring to your next steel blasting project.