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Heavy Plate Rolling Fabricator AT&F Announces Equipment Upgrades

CLEVELAND, Ohio – November 12, 2012 – AT&F, a custom
steel fabricator in Cleveland, Ohio announces equipment upgrades to one of its large rolling systems.  Originally installed in 1977, the company has fabricated thousands of cylinders for AT&F customers.  After 35 years of service, the large heavy plate rolling machine has undergone a major upgrade.

Improvements on the large heavy roll include a new leveling system, PLC upgrade, new gearbox and electrical panel upgrade.  The new leveling system will result in accuracy improvements, upon our already tight tolerances, while the new gear box has been designed to handle more torque without sacrificing speed.  The PLC and electrical panel will aid in troubleshooting and planned maintenance improvements with a more efficient design. “Planned maintenance and upgrades are part of our testament ‘We Invest in Customer    Success
tm’.  We are committed to a strong customer focus and continual improvement to our methods to produce a precision quality product for our customers.  Combining the capabilities of this upgraded plate roll with the largest roll in the western hemisphere installed early this year, we have created an unmatched combination of capability and capacity for our customers,” states Ken Ripich, Executive Vice President. “Our recent ISO 9001:2008 certification is further commitment to continuously improve and streamline our operations to reduce waste, increase productivity and satisfy our customers.  Completing upgrades on one of our large sets of rolls, in addition to other equipment and facility additions, bring together some of the largest, longest, and heaviest fabrication services in the world. Our customers no longer need multiple vendors, only AT&F,” confirms Michael Ripich, President. AT&F recently completed the install of the largest steel plate roll in the western hemisphere, a
3rd robotic contour beveling laser, the largest single ram press brake (59’), large plate blasting machine, and
a CNC horizontal boring mill. These fabrication capability enhancements are all located on the AT&F Cleveland campus. AT&F operates 600,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Northeast Ohio. AT&F (American Tank and Fabricating, began operating as a steel fabrication company in 1940. Pride and attention to detail have inspired its growth and helped to define the manufacturer it is today – AT&F.  Through its divisions and brands AT&F has built an outstanding corporate reputation providing custom steel manufacturing solutions to industrial manufacturing companies throughout the world. AT&F is ISO 9001:2008 certified.