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Water Jet Cutting Capabilities Now Available at AT&F


AT&F is pleased to announce the addition of our new 5-axis water jet cutting system with one of the largest processing envelopes available today. This machine will give our customers the ability to process carbon, exotic alloy, and composite materials while providing tight tolerance accuracy comparable to that of a machined finish.  The 5-axis head is ideal for compound beveling and weld landings. This highly desirable technology investment is properly aligned with our on-going strategy: “We Invest in Customer Success."

Water jet cutting is an ideal method for processing materials which are sensitive to high temperatures generated by alternative cutting methods. Material examples include; aluminum, titanium, stainless, inconel, zirconium, five-axis-water-jet-cuttercarbon and other alloy steels, and composites

  • 14’ x 30’ cutting envelope
  • Most accurate 5-Axis cutting head of its kind
  • Wide Cutting Angle: From 0° vertical to 90° horizontal
  • Unlimited rotation in either direction without wind up or unwind
  • Range of Travel: 12” vertical travel on Z-axis
  • Accuracies: ± 0.0166 degrees (± 1 arc minute)