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From the Floor: Weld Institute Expansion

AT&F is an industry leader in welding capabilities, with in-house robotic welding, and a Weld Institute that teaches students the fundamentals of welding—as well as advanced techniques—courtesy of our highly skilled welding engineers. Our Weld Institute, formed in (2015), is currently undergoing repositioning and expansion to accommodate larger classes and cover more welding types.

The Weld Institute was created to standardize the high quality welding for which AT&F is known. By putting our highly skilled weld engineers in teaching roles, they are able to share their expertise with new team members and improve their understanding of the Weld-institutewelding process. The expansion of the institute will allow for bigger classes, as well as more frequent sessions, reinforcing the lessons learned. AT&F’s reputation for expert welding is no accident—we’re invested in our team members just as we’re invested in our customers.






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